From where?
From woop woop! 

Woop Woop is the Australian colloquial term for far away, or more accurately - in the middle of nowhere. From this mythical location springs a collection of Australian themed products and gifts that are low on cringe-factor and high on style. 

Having worked for four years in Stockholm, Director at Studio Periscope, Lisa Oaten was struck by the range of gorgeous Swedish gifts in contrast to the distinct lack of Australian equivalents. Now, FromWoopWoop delivers an expanding collection of sustainable, locally manufactured Australian products.

The collection is designed by Studio Periscope together with a mix of tallented collaborators. We work closely with our manufacturing partners to expand upon their exisiting sustainable materials and processes. This is an evolving process with all groups requiring contsant creative thinking.

Exhibited at the 2009 Milan Furniture Fair, at Melbourne’s 2010 Design:Made:Trade and recently exhibited at Fringe Furniture 2013, FromWoopWoop products have gone from the middle of nowhere to somewhere, pretty quickly.